CTO backs tourism scholarships

Helping to further the knowledge and skills
of young Caribbean Nationals, the Caribbean Tourism Organization is offering
scholarships to those interested in studying tourism and hospitality.The region’s tourism development agency, through its scholarship programme, the CTO
Foundation, is awarding scholarships of up to US$15,000 to individuals wanting to
study tourism or hospitality at the Master’s (post graduate) level.  In addition,
the CTO Foundation is offering study grants of up to US$2,500 to individuals pursing
tourism/hospitality studies at the certificate, diploma, associate degree or first
degree level, and to industry personnel who want to gain proficiency in a second
language to assist them in their job. Studies can be pursued both within and outside
the Caribbean region. The Foundation is already accepting applications for the scholarships and study
grants and interested persons have until April 15, 2007 to send in their application
“Since tourism is such a widely explored area of study in the region, we are
offering this opportunity to those students who display achievement both in and
beyond the classroom,” said Jacqueline Johnson, Chairman of the CTO Foundation and
Executive Travel Director, Conde Nast Bridal Group.
“We believe this opportunity will help to mold future tourism executives who will
continue to provide the services necessary to make our tourism industry thrive.”
Last year, the Foundation awarded six scholarships and 10 study grants to the tune
of US$72,000, the largest amount of funding ever granted since the inception of the
scholarship programme in 1997, and has provided 32 major scholarships and 74 study
grants to deserving Caribbean nationals, amounting to just over US$572,000, overall.
This year, the Foundation is undertaking a special fundraising drive, targeting
corporate American and corporate Caribbean, to increase the level of funding
available for scholarships and study grants.