Ameristar launches online registration

Ameristar Casinos are launching a new automated supplier registration process
through the company’s website at The new online
procedure will streamline bidding and contracting with vendors and
service-providers for a wide variety of products and services. In the
future, Ameristar will utilize the website’s supplier database to generate
additional bid opportunities for all suppliers that register.
  The company especially encourages minority- and women-owned businesses
at the local, regional and national level to register through the website.
As part of Ameristar’s ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion
throughout our business, we are hopeful that the new automated registration
process will facilitate increased participation by minority- and
women-owned businesses in our bidding and contracting.
  “Ameristar is committed to procuring goods and services from suppliers
who can deliver the high-quality products that reflect our brand standards
and provide the same level of outstanding service to us that we provide to
our guests,” said CEO and President John Boushy. “We constantly strive to
provide the leading casino and entertainment facility in each of our
markets. Our suppliers and service-providers play an integral role in
helping us meet that goal.”
  “Ameristar also values inclusion in our procurement practices,”
continued Boushy. “We actively partner with women-owned and minority-owned
businesses as providers of millions of dollars in goods and services each
year. I’m optimistic that this new online registration process will allow
us to create even more valuable partnerships with diverse vendors that
share our company’s commitment to quality and innovation.”