Opposition to US Air-Delta merger mounts

At a rally held on Tuesday at the U.S. Capitol grounds in anticipation of the Senate’s hearing, Delta pilots, board members, retirees, employees, announced that 104,851 people have signed a petition opposing US Airways’ takeover attempt. The signatures then were delivered to Senate offices by Delta people. The petitions delivered to Senators say:

  “I oppose US Airways’ hostile takeover bid for Delta Air Lines because it
  would be bad for everyone. Bad for consumers—who want to keep low fares
  and great service; bad for small communities and businesses.
  —who want to keep competition and growing worldwide access and
    convenience; and bad for Delta people
  —who want to keep their jobs and their hard-earned benefits.

  The interests of all Delta customers, communities and Delta people
  worldwide are best served by ensuring that Delta remains a strong, proud
  and independent company.”
“For more than 60 years, Delta Air Lines has thrived as a leading employer of countless Georgians and has established itself as an economic engine for the Southeast,” said Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA). “Delta has met its challenges head-on and these hard-working folks deserve the opportunity to follow through with their plans to emerge as an independent company. I am pleased that my colleagues on the Senate Commerce Committee have scheduled this hearing to ensure that the content and potential effects of this proposal are carefully examined.”

“The US Airways hostile takeover attempt is an opportunistic effort under this nation’s bankruptcy laws that would harm the traveling public, the communities we serve, and the career prospects of Delta employees. We are not on board for the hostile takeover of our company…not now, not tomorrow, not ever!” said Lee Moak, Chairman of Delta’s Air Line Pilots Association.

“Throughout Delta’s restructuring, our leadership has been steadfast in its commitment to retain our pensions. Rather than discard all pension obligations, we together fought for and won the right to preserve pensions for 90,000 current and retired non-pilot employees. US Airways, on the other hand, defaulted on their pension obligations, but somehow found the money to try to takeover our airline. This is not the kind of leadership we could ever support. With our goals in sight, we do not deserve to lose our jobs and benefits or to have US Airways reap the reward from our hard work. Delta’s plan is working and we deserve the chance to succeed and benefit from our contributions,” said Beth Graham, a Delta Board Council member who represents Delta’s more than 12,000 flight attendants.


“Thanks in part to the enormous sacrifices of its employees and retirees, Delta is now poised for profitability and is ready to emerge from bankruptcy. But instead, as part of a merger, US Airways wants Delta to remain in bankruptcy for many more months to wring out additional “synergies.” We know what that means—more Delta employees involuntarily joining the ranks of our retirees and perhaps even more retiree give backs. We don’t deserve it. We’re not for it. Delta retirees oppose this merger,” said Cathy Cone, chairman of retiree committees representing retired Delta people to the company and the Court.

In addition to the 100,000+ e-petitions signed to date and delivered to Capitol Hill, over 155,000 letters have been sent to members of Congress and the Administration on behalf of Delta opposing the takeover bid. The Business Travelers Association and the Southeast Travel and Tourism Society also have announced their opposition to the deal. “Keep Delta, My Delta!” community events have been held in 15 cities, including, Atlanta and Augusta, GA; Bangor, ME; Baton Rouge, LA; Boston, MA; Butte, MT; Charleston, WV; Columbia and Charleston, SC; Cincinnati, OH; Harrisburg, PA; Jackson, MS; Salt Lake City, UT; and Tallahassee and Tampa, FL.

To learn more about the campaign, view the e-petition, and access state-by-

state information and the full list of Delta supporters, please visit

http://www.KeepDeltaMyDelta.org .