UATP expands in Turks & Caicos

UATP’s global financial payment network continues its global expansion with the addition of new direct connections to billing and settlement plans (BSP): BSP Turks, Caicos and Cayman Islands.The additional BSP connections furthers UATP’s strategic goal of solidifying UATP usage around the globe with industry partner IATA.

“IATA will continue to work through all channels to increase efficiency,” said Tom Murphy, SVP Industry Distribution and Financial Services, IATA. “The UATP-IATA partnership has been successfully working by allowing one central point to process financial settlements. IATA will continue to grow the partnership with UATP for further success.”

“As the UATP network continues to grow, UATP will further its efforts to streamline acceptance of UATP as a form of payment, via the BSP to our acquirer network, ATCAN,” said Ralph Kaiser, president and CEO, UATP.

Once a BSP is connected to ATCAN, it can send data directly to ATCAN on a Merchant’s behalf. Merchants simply have to instruct the BSP to send the data to ATCAN and discontinue their current method for submitting BSP data to ATCAN.