Six Senses introduces spa book guide

Six Senses Spas have prepared Balancing Senses as a refreshing recipe for making the most of the body you were born with. From detoxing to yoga, from body treatments to organic food, Balancing Senses is packed with easy to follow recipes and guidelines for nourishing the body, both inside and out.

As a completely usable guide, the book provides information on healthy, balanced eating and a truly holistic lifestyle. Throughout, achieving a balance is key. Avoiding a rigid regime and taking a more realistic approach, Balancing Senses gives menus and exercise programmes that will enable readers to relive the spa experience at home, making a transitory experience into a real and permanent way of life.

Chapter 1 Body Sense: How to look after the body from the inside. Highlighting the principles of a GI eating plan and nature’s superfoods and supernutrients. This chapter includes a 10-day detox plan, a 2-week eating plan, and over 40 healthy and easy-to-make recipes. There also helpful tips on buying the healthiest meat, vegetables and herbs.

Chapter 2 Beauty Sense: The body from the outside and how it changes as we age. What skin and hair care products to choose and what to avoid, and how to protect ourselves from harmful pollution and the sun. Throughout, helpful recipes enable the reader to enjoy their own home spa that ensures the use of nature’s goodness. The chapter finishes with a look at various body treatments and massages from all over the world, from Chinese massage to ayurvedic therapies, from Thai massage to shiatsu.

Chapter 3 Mind Sense: A spa body is not complete without some attention to the inner being. Chapter 3 looks at movement therapies, such as yoga, t’ai chi and qi gong. Not just concerned with spiritual exercise, Mind Sense studies meditation and pranayama as well as new and holistic therapy. This encompasses crystal and gem therapy and the more unusual techniques such as Tibetan singing bowls.


Chapter 4 Spa Journey: Once the reader has seen how to achieve a balanced spa body, the Spa Journey presents many of the Six Senses Spas around the world.

Balancing Senses has been authored by Irish born Kate O’Brien, a qualified nutritionist with many years of experience in the health, beauty and spa industries in Britain, Ireland, Singapore and Hong Kong - where she currently resides. Kate’s well researched and well written text enlightens and engages the reader

The 160-page hard cover book is lavishly illustrated with 266 images by award-winning Jörg Sundermann. Balancing Senses is a visual showcase for his dramatic style and digital expertise. His creative talents are evident as he captures the unique and tranquil setting of Six Senses Spas, with many images shot specifically for this title on location in the Maldives, Thailand and Portugal.

Published for Six Senses Spas by Editions Didier Millet, Balancing Senses - The Six Senses Spa Book [ISBN (10-digit) 981-4155-84-5; ISBN (13-digit) 978-981-4155-84-7] is being launched through bookstores in the United Kingdom, Australia/New Zealand, United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Hong Kong, India and Thailand, and. It will also be available on-line at, and through English-language bookshops in other countries. A French-language edition of Balancing Senses will be available later in the year.