CheapoAir reveals new e-ticket tech and Fareportal have unveiled a complex Multi-Airline Auto Ticketing
Technology that integrates a three tier fraud detection checkpoint system
that issues e-ticket confirmation to customers within a fraction of a
second.In addition, is also announcing Auto-Airline Paper
Tickets to be integrated into FedEx Shipping Software, making transactions
seamless and more efficient while still providing a rigorously secure

While launching this new technology, Harsh Sood, CTO of Fareportal
said, “CheapoAir has successfully achieved 90% of auto-ticketing in the
domestic sector and 60% in the International sector.” This Technology will
now enable end-users to simply print their e-ticket from their email
without waiting for a third party to issue their airline ticket on their
behalf. The system will automatically identify and issue air
tickets within seconds of booking. Nikunj Dhawan, VP Technology of
Fareportal said this, “By integrating this amazing auto-ticketing
technology, we’re eliminating the need for customers to call the airlines
or customer service. It’s a giant step forward in customer friendly travel
technology. By March 2007, CheapoAir’s goal is to achieve 100% auto-ticket
generation in the domestic sectors.”
  CheapoAir recently issued this statement, “CheapoAir is committed to
bringing solid value to its customers. Through our partnership with
Fareportal, we will continuously strive to bring technology that will
leverage airfare structures, employing the latest cutting edge methods for
providing the most cost effective solutions to our customers.”