BA union talks to continue

The talks between British Airways and unions to avert a strike by cabin crew over sick leave, pay and staffing will resume today with no reported progress yesterday.
The BBC reports BA Chief executive Willie Walsh saying he was prepared to negotiate but adding there was “no justification” for industrial action.

A statement on the BA website reveals the management’s disappointment over the strike vote.

It reads: “We are very disappointed by the T&G’s threat of what would be completely unnecessary industrial action.”

We have arranged to meet T&G officials this week and we very much hope they will enter into meaningful discussion with us on the issues the union has raised.

The union says that one of its key concerns is pensions - yet we have just concluded 16 months of talks by accepting a proposal put forward by the T&G and our other unions.  On that basis alone, we believe the T&G should pause to reflect before threatening the travel plans of our customers and their families.


On all the other issues the union has raised, we have suggested ways of meeting the union’s concerns - but up to now it has either refused to discuss our proposals or rejected them out of hand.”

We have not been seeking to achieve new ways of working by imposition, but by negotiation - as in many other areas of our business.”

The leaders of the T&G cabin crew branch have created a worrying time for our customers and our staff. We hope they will grasp the opportunity to put aside threats of disruption and resolve their concerns through proper negotiation.”