renews Travelocity deal

Travelocity Partner Network has signed a new agreement with - an innovative online travel site that promotes its travel content via the blogosphere and other social media - and will continue to power the site’s booking engine.While the travel industry has embraced the concept of user-generated content as a means of creating a unique competitive advantage, has taken the concept a step further by getting its customers to post hotel and travel content, in an inspiring, entertaining blog format and then allowing other consumers to book directly on those blogs. The company has recently launched its “City Blogs” feature and now has more than 200 writers blogging on more than 70 destinations.

“HotelsByCity’s blog network brings an entertaining perspective to that is uniquely guest driven,” said Richard Harris, senior vice president, strategy and distribution, Travelocity. “We are happy to continue our mutually beneficial relationship with them in the coming year.”

“Rather than telling our customers what we think they should be interested in, we would rather let them learn from other customers,” said Randy Schartner, CEO and co-founder of “Our overall objective is to improve the process of searching and reviewing hotel options online, and we believe that interacting with our guests in an entertaining and informative way supports our objectives in the long run.”

“Through our hotel blog network, we see an opportunity to interact with and inspire our customers to purchase through our hotel and travel portal by delivering content that guests care about,” said Andrew Loewen, President and Co-founder of “Guests care about it because they create it.”