JAL tests future check-in procedures

The JAL Group will participate in evaluation testing of ‘e-airport procedures: SPT
Trial 2007 (Simplifying Passenger Travel)’ to try and evaluate the future model for passenger procedures.The test has been implemented by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation
(MLIT) and Ministry of Justice (MoJ) in coordination and cooperation with related companies.

The test aims to evaluate the future model for passenger procedures in which airline check-in and boarding pass issuing
procedures and government immigration control procedures are performed at the same time by utilizing information
transmission technology and biometrics technology in airport passenger procedures. The JAL test will be held in
Passenger Terminal 2 at Narita Airport.
JAL Group customers taking part will be issued with a trial IC card containing the holder’s passport data, biometrics data
(such as fingerprints) and frequent flyer membership number, to use to check-in at a self-check in machine and to verify
their identify and receive a boarding pass at the same time when going through an automatic-gate in the immigration
control area at Narita Airport.
(In the test, check-in procedures will be simulated, and the IC card will be effective only for the test period.)
By examining the results of the test, the JAL Group aims, in coordination with related government.