Cheapflights in branding drive

Cheapflights has appointed its first Branding Agency, Bostock and Pollitt, to assist with the development of its popular online travel brand that already reaches over 5m unique users globally a month.
  Launched from a Wandsworth attic in 1996 Cheapflights has grown to be a market leader in its field. This has been achieved over the past ten years by driving profitable direct response traffic to the site whilst providing consumers with a strong deals comparison product.  Continuous investment in our product has successfully met the evolving demands of both consumers and travel advertisers on our site and established Cheapflights as an important internet travel brand.  However, as the online travel market matures and our profitability further strengthens, CF will look to further differentiate our brand, to retain the loyalty of our existing customers and assist in reaching new ones.

A core part of this activity is centered on the appointment of our first Branding Agency, Bostock and Pollitt, who will assist us to engage consumers by improving on the brand’s personality and design, as well as look at multi-channel marketing activity.

Commenting, Joseph Sikorsky, Head of UK Marketing said: “Our clear, compelling brand vision and personality will move us from the level of being a functional popular brand to an emotive one.  This is an exciting next step in Cheapflights growth from an attic in Wandsworth in 1996 to a thriving, transatlantic business today.