Visa plans sports, travel website

Visa is creating a sports and travel website in a bid to provide English-speaking sports and travel enthusiasts with helpful information on major sporting events and destinations, as well as useful tools to assist them with their travel plans.
Currently in the first phase of development, will evolve over time to feature various destinations and sporting events around the world, such as the Rugby World Cup 2007 and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Future versions of the website will also include a community section, to allow users to post and share comments and information of their own.

Today, draws on Visa’s sponsorship of the upcoming 2010 Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Games, which will be held in Vancouver and Whistler, Canada. However Visa’s sponsorship of such global sporting events as the Rugby World Cup and the Olympic Games, as well as its relationship with various tourism boards in countries like France and China, will also be featured in coming months. additionally provides visitors great discount offers on hotels, resorts and spas, car rentals, restaurants, entertainment and shopping through Visa’s many travel partnerships. At the same time, the website includes advice and tools to assist with the financial aspects of travel including tips on how to use payment cards abroad, as well as travel money tools such as a currency converter and an ATM locator. gives sports fans from all over the globe an online destination to help them identify local hotspots and “must see” landmarks associated with the venue of their favorite sporting event.  And travelers looking for “local color” can get tips on the best restaurants and nightlife from resident Olympic and Rugby athletes.  The site also includes itineraries of suggested activities and things to do before and after the event, as well as tips about local etiquette, culture and even slang terms to help fit in with the locals.

For any traveler, has information that can make their next vacation memorable.