Rikardsen to leave SAS

Bernhard Rikardsen, Executive Vice President of SAS, is to leave the SAS
Group.He currently heads Corporate Administration & Support, which
includes responsibility for the SAS Group’s Corporate Human Resources

“The reason that Bernhard Rikardsen is leaving his position is that I would
like to renew such areas as human resources,” says Mats Jansson, President
and CEO of SAS. “Therefore, after a period of discussion, we concluded that
the best solution would be to go separate ways. I would like to thank
Bernhard Rikardsen for his valuable contributions to SAS for many years.”

“Now that a new CEO has taken office, I believe it is the right opportunity
for me to leave my position,” says Bernhard Rikardsen. “Such a role should
not be held for an extended period of time. My years at SAS have been
challenging and rewarding, particularly in the work concerning
decentralization and cost reductions in the climate of intensifying
competition in recent years. I wish the new management team the best of
luck with the further development of SAS.”

Svein Oppegaard, who is the Head of Human Resources at SAS Braathens, will
also assume acting responsibility for Bernhard Rikardsen’s human resources
duties in SAS Group Management from January 8, 2007. Bernhard Rikardsen’s
other functions will be redistributed internally within Group Management.