Royal Caribbean removes trans fats

Royal Caribbean International will become the first cruise line to make the move towards removing trans fat from its menus beginning 1st March 2007.This will culminate in a fully trans-fat-free menu fleetwide by the end of this year.

Trans-fat-free frying oil will replace the old pour-and-fry oil originally used in food preparation, and entirely-new, trans-fat-free menu options will be introduced to Royal Caribbean International’s menus. 

Royal Caribbean International accommodates requests from guests with special dietary requirements, from those looking to maintain a low-fat intake to others with allergies. The cruise line’s devotion to its guests, and their health, is rising to an entirely new level with menus featuring foods prepared with healthier oils throughout all restaurants on every ship.


Robin Shaw, UK and Ireland managing director says



“We’ve seen a shift in the lifestyle choices of Royal Caribbean International’s guests.  They are more active, health-conscious travellers, making this investment to upgrade to a healthier option in terms of food preparation is yet another way we can ensure the best overall cruise experience.”


Michael Bayley, senior vice president, Total Guest Satisfaction continues “Vegetable oils that have undergone hydrogenation result in a type of fat that doctors have linked to serious health risks including diabetes, high blood pressure and increased cholesterol levels, now we can offer guests a healthier serving of the foods they love by switching to trans-fat-free oils, while maintaining the same level of satisfaction.”


The trans-fat-free oil was put to the test onboard Navigator of the Seas last November.  The conclusion was that, not only is the trans-fat-free oil healthier for guests, but it provides a better tasting product.  Navigator of the Seas begins its first ever season based from the UK in April 2007.


Royal Caribbean is working jointly with all onboard food and beverage partners as well as suppliers to ensure that a full transition to a trans-fat-free menu will take place fleetwide by the end of this year.