Centralwings combines luggage allowance

Centralwings has introduced new procedures that will allow passengers travelling together on the same reservation number to pool their free luggage allowance within their group. If all passengers have booked as part of the same group on one reservation number, (booking confirmation) they will be able to combine the total luggage allowance for their group rather than each person being restricted to their own luggage allowance.

The situation before the introduction of “pooled luggage allowances” was that each passenger was only allowed to carry 20kg of registered luggage.  Following the introduction of this new rule, passengers travelling in a group will be able to pool their luggage allowances for the overall benefit of their party.

This procedure will ease the check-in process for passengers travelling as part of a group with their children, friends or colleagues.

Having individual luggage allowances for groups travelling on the same reservation number could at time have been troublesome, especially for the people travelling with their families. For example, families travelling with young children often find that children do not use their full luggage allowance but the adults in the group may end up with luggage weighing in excess of the available limits.  Previously this would have required heavier items being put in the luggage of the children or excess baggage costs needing to be paid.

Now, Centralwings is enabling groups travelling on the same reservation number to pool their luggage allowances with no excess baggage costs being incurred as long as when the luggage is all measured together, the total weight of the baggage does not go over the combined allowance for the group.


This is one of the many additional services introduced by Centralwings in order to make flying easier and more pleasurable for its passengers.  Centralwings already offers one of the lowest excess luggage fees of any carrier within Europe the market and additional discounts are given to the passengers who advise the airline that they are likely to have a certain amount of excess luggage at the time they book their tickets.