Survey: Lager louts annoy holidaymakers

Holiday companies can all breath a sigh of relief, as it seems that most of the things that annoy the British holidaymaker are beyond their control. A survey by Real Holiday Reports.Com, the Holiday and Hotel review site, asked the question:

What Annoys You Most On Holiday?

The results were as follows:

Lager Louts 31.0%

Towels on Sun beds 26.2%


Timeshare Reps 20.3%

Flight Delays 16.1%

The Mozzies 6.4%

“We were very surprised that the flight delays did not make top spot” said a company spokesman.

“Resort bar owners and Hotel managers should take a more responsible position when it comes to serving people with too much alcohol, and the sun bed issue has been raging for so many years, you’d think it should have been sorted by now. Why not allocate each room their own sun bed via a numbers system, then the need to set your alarm at 05.00 in the morning to get up and reserve one would stop.” is a great place to research the best place to stay on your holiday.

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