Blue Star wins private jet survey

Blue Star Jets edged out Jet Concierge and Delta AirElite as the most prestigious brand in the Private Jet Services category, as rated by ultra-wealthy American consumers. This is according to the 2007 Private Jet Services Luxury Brand Status Index (LBSI) survey from the Luxury Institute.

Brands rated, in alphabetical order, include: Avantair, Blue Star Jets, Bombardier Flexjet, Bombardier Skyjet, Citation Shares, Delta AirElite, Jet Concierge, Marquis Jet, and NetJets. Although they were included in the survey, Flight Options and Sentient failed to garner enough ultra-wealthy consumers familiar with the brand to earn a statistically valid rating.

“This is our second survey in the private jet services category. Our trusted brand has earned a reputation for impartiality that is valued by consumers and companies alike,” said Milton Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute. “Survey results indicate a category that continues to deliver brands that are not highly differentiated. This is rather rare for a luxury products and services category and indicates a major opportunity for key brands to truly differentiate themselves from competitors. The results also indicate that since our last survey smaller boutique brands continue to overtake the larger players in brand status and that the larger brands need to redesign and deliver a far better customer experience to earn a better brand reputation score.”

The proprietary Luxury Brand Status Index is the only measure available of the value and equity of leading luxury brands to affluent Americans. For the private jet services brands a national sample of ultra-wealthy American consumers was surveyed online. Respondents had an average household income of $1.175 million and average net worth of $14.0 million. Survey results are weighted to match the demographic and net worth profile of the same audience according to the latest Survey of Consumer Finances from The Federal Reserve.