Business class airline launches in Paris

L’Avion has celebrated its inaugural flight between Paris and the New York area as the first exclusively business class carrier to serve these cities. With a focus on premium service at an attractive price, L’Avion is the first and only business-class airline connecting New York and Paris from both cities’ closest and most convenient airports: Newark Liberty International Airport and Orly South.

L’Avion is a convenient and hassle-free alternative to traditional transatlantic travel service, providing a premium level of service and comfort at a low fare. L’Avion proposed very attractive fares: pricing from US$ 1599 including all applicable taxes for a round trip flight from New York—Paris.

“A burgeoning group of sophisticated and empowered consumers are seeking premium services with financial value,” said Marc Rochet, chief executive officer, L’Avion. “We created L’Avion to meet the demands of this discerning community and we are proud to offer them a compelling new option when traveling between New York and Paris that mirrors the high standards they demand in both their personal and professional experiences. We’ve dubbed this clientele “ParYorkers” because they embody our same mindset with L’Avion that marries the energy and vitality of New York with the sophistication and deep appreciation of culture that can only be found in Paris. We feel we have struck this balance perfectly and we are excited to welcome our new friends on board.”

Premium Service at an Attractive Price

L’Avion is designed to create a private and pleasurable environment giving the sensation of traveling in a large private jet. With just 90 seats onboard the specially-outfitted Boeing 757-200, two rows of two seats are separated by a wide central aisle, thus ensuring a window or an aisle for every traveler. The cabin is subtle and comfortable with each seat reclining up to 140 degrees for optimal comfort. Power outlets are at every seat and travelers have individual digital video players with on demand film service.


Travel with L’Avion is a culinary delight. Seasonal menus will blend color, flavor and freshness corresponding to the time of year. Every meal is served individually on a tablecloth, while French wines and champagnes selected by the renowned Frank Lucet, wine expert and member of “Les Toques du Ciel.” In addition, breakfast is served prior to landing in Paris with snack served before arrival in New York.

L’Avion has selected quiet and refined environments within the customs zones at Newark and Orly.

Convenient Scheduling

L’Avion’s flight schedule meets the needs of both business and leisure travelers via gateways in New York and Paris that are closest and most convenient to downtown.

Newark Liberty is 22 miles to New York, as compared to JFK at 34 miles. Similarly, Orly is 10 miles to Paris, as compared to Roissy at 17 miles.

Best of Breed Team and Partners

A new brand for a unique concept, the idea for L’Avion was in development for more than four years. The L’Avion team combines recognized expertise in air transport and finance to ensure the efficient and optimal functioning of the airline. In addition, L’Avion has partnered with respected organizations renowned worldwide for maintenance, aircraft servicing, catering and other functional elements.

“L’Avion began booking reservations in France last month and we are extremely pleased with the interest and demand for this unique new transatlantic travel offer,” added Rochet.