The Bench: Europe room rates show rise

October results show a strong performance for Western Europe with RevPAR 11.5% higher than October of last year.
This achievement was generated through a 7.3% increase in Average Room Rate (ARR) and a 4% growth in occupancy, aligned with the region’s year to date figures.

The Key European Cities achieved an 8.6% rise in ARR and combined with a 5.2% growth in occupancy generated an overall RevPAR growth of 14.3%, 1% ahead of the year to date result.

Bubble Size is representative of absolute RevPAR change in percent. The labels show the actual RevPAR change in percent. Hollow bubbles indicate that the RevPAR change is negative.

James Chappell, Managing Director of The Bench commented, “Year on year change for the Western European markets show London as the continued star performer, with year to date RevPAR at 18.2%. Next in line, Amsterdam (14.7%) and Paris (14%) are showing very strong performance. Brussels continues to maintain a double digit performance improvement upon last year driven mainly by increased occupancy, while Vienna is maximizing performance through a balanced growth in ARR and occupancy.”