Four Seasons tsunami reunion in Maldives

The re-opening of the Four Seasons Resort in the Maldives on September 15 marked the return of over two hundred local staff that, in the aftermath of the disaster and subsequent closure of the resort, was deployed to work at other Four Seasons properties around the world. One truly touching story is of Theo Westerman, a ten year old boy who nearly lost his life after being taken out to sea as the wave hit the resort on December 26, 2004.

Theo was rescued by one of the Four Seasons’ dive instructors, a Maldivian named Hussain, who since the tsunami was relocated to the Four Seasons in Doha. Theo’s family have kept in close contact with Hussain since the ordeal and the two have been reunited this week as both return to the Maldives to the re-opened and completely remodeled Four Seasons Resort.

Theo’s Mother, who we’ve spoken to today, was delighted to see Theo happily in the sea again and the obvious bond that has developed between him and Hussain, who is now teaching him to windsurf.