SAS welcomes emissions EU ruling

The SAS Group welcomes the proposal presented by the European Commission that air travel is to be included in the European Emission Trading
Scheme for greenhouse gases.This trading scheme is the most cost-efficient
method of reducing emissions, at the same time as providing scope for
growth in a responsible manner. However, a limiting factor is that it is
only an intra-European scheme.

“We are satisfied with the Commission’s proposal, although in environmental
terms and from a competitive perspective it would be preferable to have a
global scheme. Ideally, we would liked to have seen such a scheme be
created from the very beginning,” says Niels Eirik Nertun, Environmental
Director at the SAS Group.

“Trade in emission rights is superior to all forms of environmental taxes
or charges that only benefit the environment at the expense of economic
growth,” he adds.

SAS believes that when the debate on this proposal is conducted in the
Council of Ministers and in the European parliament it will be important to
take into account the scheme’s environmental effect and socio-economic
impact. A suitable model should also take into consideration such factors
as technological advances and the distances aircraft fly.
SAS has taken a leading role in aviation environment work for many years.
Examples of such activities are contributing to research in biofuels and
initiating a scheme for “green approaches” - a pilot project in Swedish
domestic traffic.