Orbitz hotspots for 2007

Want to vacation at one of the “in” places before the rest of America catches onto the tourism trend? Backed by a team of travel professionals, The Orbitz Insider knows which 2007’s travel hotspots will be the “in” locations for experience seeking vacationers.
Whether that’s being amongst celebrities, watching some of the world’s best sporting events, or finding the off-the-chart waterways to kayak, the Orbitz Insider will ring in the New Year with new places to visit before the rest of the world catches on.

As Americans start to plan how they’ll spend their vacations in 2007, the Orbitz Insider reveals some off-beat hotspot destinations for travel in the New Year that will make you want to take to the road, the air, and maybe even sail around the world.

“Plan now and get a great deal to one of 2007’s hottest vacation locations. Wait, and you might get caught in the rut of doing the same old, same old,” said Heather Leisman, director of merchandising for Orbitz. “Smart travelers know that with time to research options, they have the best chance to capture discount pricing and the best available selection of airfare and hotels.”