Dubai changes tact on car rentals

Car rental companies across Dubai will need to make significant adjustments to their fleets as the city’s increasing accessibility for budget travellers drives demand for smaller, more economical hire cars. Bob Farrow, joint secretary of the Dubai Car Rental Group and General Manager of Hertz UAE (a member of the Al Futtaim group), said that the tourism industry in the emirate is having to adjust to a new type of traveller as a growing number of economical hotel rooms and package deals make Dubai a more affordable destination than ever.

‘We are seeing an increased demand for smaller rental cars’, he said. ‘Five years ago Dubai was perceived in the international holiday market as a playground for the rich and famous who would tend to opt for five star hotels, gourmet restaurants and top of the range four wheel drives to get around.

‘We still do have many visitors looking for a luxury break, only now Dubai is much more accessible to those with smaller budgets as well. Car rental firms need to respond to this change in the market by offering a greater choice of smaller, cheaper cars.’

In recent months Hertz UAE has added several new models to its fleet including economical smaller cars such as the Peugeot 206 and the Toyota Corolla.

Today the company also announced its latest rental deal, which focuses on smaller car models. Those who rent a Toyota Yaris or similar for a minimum of seven days pay just Dhs 92 per day for a fully insured vehicle which has undergone a 40-point quality check-up and is covered by a round-the-clock support service.