Montserrat offers new dive tour

The Green Monkey Dive Shop, the latest addition to Montserrat’s dive product, has added a new scuba tour to its repertoire. Dive Redonda is a tour of the island “Kingdom of Redonda” located just 15 miles northwest of Montserrat. Divers will board the Green Monkey launch for a short 45 minute scenic ride to Redonda, providing excellent views of Montserrat’s coastline and the magnificent Soufrière Hills Volcano.
Once in the island’s pristine waters, divers get a chance to explore Redonda’s underwater attractions including six-foot barrel sponges - completely untouched by human hands, giant Southern Stingrays, Moray Eels, Sea Turtles and the occasional Spotted Eagle Ray. Nurse Sharks and Barracudas reaching more than five feet long are also sighted. There are opportunities to explore the caves at “The World’s End”, on the northernmost point of the island and explorers can search for remnants of a sunken barge along with ships’ anchors, some more than twenty feet in length and encrusted in a myriad of multi-colored coral.
        Dive Redonda trips include a two-tank dive, dive equipment, transportation, and refreshments.  Trips are $115 USD per person. A four person minimum is required for the trip. For more information on Dive Redonda trips and The Green Monkey Dive Shop, visit or call 664-491-2960.
Redonda was originally claimed by Montserratian sea trader Matthew Dowdy, who handed the island to his son on his fifteenth birthday.  The son, Matthew Phipps Shiell, thereafter became known as King Felipe I of Redonda.  King Felipe I died in 1947 and the island has since been the subject of controversy over succession. Redonda is officially a part of Antigua and Barbuda.