Banff reveals unique Rockies experience

Banff and Lake Louise have unveiled an offer which incorporates over 50 experiential businesses that specialize in smaller, personalized programs for the independent or group traveller.  Those explorers who want to build an Igloo, learn mountain survival skills, or hike with an accredited mountain interpreter or a women’s getaway like the “Chicks in Choppers” program or group experiences like our interactive culinary evenings - are all available “off the shelf” or through our tour operator partners.

Banff and Lake Louise are located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies within Banff National Park and therefore offer a pristine experience unlike no other. “These unique, personalized experiences offer travellers to our area an opportunity to slow down and take in vacation time on an emotional, physical, intellectual and even spiritual level.” says Lori Perlin, Director, Communications, Banff Lake Louise Tourism. “These small operators are passionate about the Rockies and they want to share their excitement and sense of place that they enjoy daily”.