travelsupermarket in £11m brand push

Travel comparison website is gearing up for an £11m push to grow its profile and customer base in 2007.

The bold initiative aims to take the market by storm and steal the march on its competition.

Chris Nixon, head of, said: “We see 2007 as a key year and aim to more than double the level of visitors from an average of 80,000 unique visitors per day in 2006 to over 160,000 per day next year.

“To help drive this, we have increased our marketing spend substantially and have set aside a budget of £11m. Around £8m of this will be spent solely on TV, starting with a £1m campaign spend on television advertising alone for the five weeks from December 26.

“This will not come as a surprise to some as has always been a highly progressive, innovative, fast-growing business. However, one of the contributory reasons for us looking to increase our size and stature at such a dramatic rate is that we have received a lot of recent feedback from our providers telling us they have a great appetite for more visitors and that an excellent way of acquiring them is through”