Cheeca Lodge revamps spa menu

The Spa at Cheeca Lodge is turning over a new leaf with the launch of a spa menu incorporating the high-end line of Phytomer products.  Guests can choose from a wide range of new treatments, including selections from the Vie Collection and Fleur’s. 
“We are very eager to incorporate all of these changes to the spa menu,” explained Kimberlee Mellon, spa director. “With the spa-savvy guests here at Cheeca, it’s important to always stay ahead of the curve.”
The Vie Collection allows guests to experience luxury therapies which incorporate the traditions of ancient cultures.  Massage techniques from around the world are combined with exclusively targeted products, containing active ingredients derived from plants and minerals for head-to-toe restoration. 
Fleur’s products are infused with floral ingredients, as well as fruits and vitamins, to create unique formulas for all skin types.  “Fleurisation” is the formulation method used to optimize the action of products by ensuring synergy between the floral active ingredient and an effective booster.  Fleur’s has developed groundbreaking techniques and products to meet the growing popularity of massage.
Additions to the menu include a Cool Caribbean Body Elixer, which uses a marine sugar extract to regenerate the skin. The Aromagolden Signature Body Ritual features a combination of golden mineral dust and delicate extracts of the Artemisia flower and the Hibiscus and Poppy Warm Stone Facial decreases stress and restores vigor.  There will also be new options such as a mother/daughter spa package and a dinner and massage combo.