Warsaw airport deploys e-kiosks

SITA will provide self-service kiosks and common use check-in facilities for the new terminal at the Frederic Chopin International Airport in Warsaw.The $5 million, five-year agreement between SITA and Ferrovial will ensure the terminal meets the needs of 10 million passengers when operating at full capacity.

Due to open in April 2007, Terminal 2 will provide an exclusively common-use environment for airlines allowing maximum use of the available space by the Polish Airport Authority. Terminal 2 will be equipped with 178 CUTE (Common Use Terminal Equipment) workstations and 8 CUSS (Common Use Self-Service) kiosks.

CUTE workstations enable the airport to cater to many airlines and their passengers using shared infrastructure while CUSS kiosks allow airlines to share the equipment that provides fast and easy self-service check-in.

SITA has a long history with the Frederic Chopin International Airport in Warsaw and has been providing on-the-ground support for existing CUTE systems and other services for almost 10 years.

SITA will provide a fault-free transition between the old Terminal 1, and the new Terminal 2, and will allow the airport to maintain and expand its services to airlines and their passengers within the airport complex.


Ilya Gutlin, SITA Regional Vice President, said, “Warsaw is a major Eastern European hub and is expanding rapidly. Last year passenger numbers were up 16%. Such growth is best managed by using common use services which offer one platform and integrated passenger and baggage handling.”

The Frederic Chopin International Airport in Warsaw is by far the largest in Poland, handling 70% of the country’s air traffic: seven million people travelled to over 80 destinations in 2005. To cope with this ever-increasing traffic the Polish Airport Authority has commissioned Ferrovial, one of Spain’s major business groups to build Terminal 2’.

This will be the fourth terminal in the airport - three existing terminals are: Terminal 1; Terminal Krajowy, for domestic flights; and Etiuda Terminal in a separate building that serves budget airlines. Terminal 1 will be closed while plans are put in place to maximise the utilisation of the space.