Gulf Air unveils avant-garde uniforms

Cheered and applauded by an ebullient gathering, Gulf Air cabin crew walked on the ramp introducing the newly designed Cabin Service Managers’ uniform, designed by Paris-based designer house, ‘Creation & Image,’ creators of Balmain brand uniforms.

In a dazzling show held at the Movenpick Hotel, Bahrain, the audience was also treated to an audio-visual presentation, ‘Gulf Air - Past, Present and the Future,’ a nostalgic tour of Gulf Air’s five decades of progression and transformation.

‘Gulf Air’s inflight costume is a reflection of what Gulf Air is all about - the hallmark Arabian hospitality, warmth, presentation, progression, modernity and above all, our corporate statement,’ said Gulf Air Vice President of Marketing and Sales Lee Shave, while launching the new uniform.

‘The audience acceptance of the new design was immediate. I am glad our months of hard work with Balmain Uniform Design Team has won the approval of the discerning audience.’

The last five decades of Gulf Air, said Head of Inflight Services and Cabin Crew Michael Kent, have seen progressive innovation in its inflight product in tune with changing times, growth and international positioning without losing its identity.


‘The new uniform was conceived keeping all these elements in mind and our design consultants have done a fantastic job that reflects a modern and contemporary Arabia,’ added Kent.

Cabin Service Managers manage all aspects of the in-flight service including the supervision of the team of Flight Attendants to ensure passengers receive the best possible attention and service during the flight. The new uniform distinguishes them from the rest of the crew so that passengers can identify and approach them, should they require their services.

‘We had several brainstorming sessions on how to express the soul, spirit and elegance of Gulf Air in the uniform,’ said Creation and Image Artistic Director Christophe Galibert. ‘I am delighted at the audience response.’

‘We have tried to fuse a timelessness and modernity at the same time without being too fancy and maintaining the visual link and identity with the cabin crew uniform,’

Gulf Air Inflight Service and Cabin Crew Department employs 1,962 Flight Attendants representing 80 different nationalities out of which 270 are Cabin Service Managers.