Metafour empowers tour operators

Metafour have released a new version of the online booking engine, Empower, which allows tour operators and agents to include their own inventory into one booking system with their other online suppliers. 
This new version of Empower gives the independent tour operators and agents the tools to compete with the big online players at a cost effective level whilst being able to retain their individual brand identities.
Rob Udwin, Metafour’s Business Development Director commented “With online bookings reaching record levels tour operators and agents are missing out if they cannot include their own inventory.  Previously an operator or agent would have had to invest in a complete reservation system in order to integrate their own inventory with low cost airline seats or charter flights. Now they can do it through our online booking engine, Empower and only pay for the modules they use.”
” We are working with several clients who are using the new version of Empower for their own accommodation suppliers, together with the GDS and several low cost airlines, charter and schedule flights.  Clients are choosing exactly what they want to offer and what commissions they put into the online booking engine including mark-ups for the low cost carriers.”