Travizon upgrades NexusReporting Suite

Travizon has added a sophisticated Dashboard component to its NexusReporting suite, an advanced data aggregation and analysis tool. The Dashboard provides clients an at-a-glance, graphical view of all data related to their travel program and allows for a centralized launching point for all analytical reporting. The tool will further enhance a client’s ability to identify trends, flag and prevent violations, track and adjust contract usage, pinpoint effective and ineffective policies points, and demonstrate cost savings.

Customizable to the client’s needs, Travizon can configure the Dashboard and its graphical “gauges” to reflect the client’s focus whether it is contract management (contract thresholds, commitments, and status), threat assessments (number of employees traveling, destination’s threat level, number of executives on one flight), advanced unused ticket management (percentage of unused tickets compared to total number of transactions), or a combination of any element related to their program.

“The Dashboard was the next natural step in the NexusReporting suite,” remarked Lehi Mills, Chief Technology Officer at Travizon. “Delivering critical travel information in a snapshot to our clients increases the visibility of all aspects of their travel program. The possibilities with this tool are endless, but our goal remains the same: what do our clients need to be successful?”

From the Dashboard, clients will be able to access their Business Intelligence reports, Data Warehouse tool, Folio Studio (retrieve credit card information), Unused Ticket Management Studio (most unused tickets by traveler, drill into individual traveler record for information on when segments expire), and Policy Studio (setup violations: limit number of passengers on same flight, not selecting preferred vendors, advance purchase requirements). Travizon’s ability to rectify traveler violations is augmented with the use of quality control data and a 24/7 violation engine. The technology can be programmed to automatically setup an email to key personnel at intervals appropriate for that particular client (every 2 hours, twice a day, daily, etc.).