Oasis Spa Resort completes refurb

The Oasis Resort has completed a major refurbishment which means it can now compete with top Spa hotels around the world.The Dead Sea in Israel, the lowest place on the planet and the largest ‘natural spa’ in the world, can offer the perfect respite from those winter blues due to the unique make-up of the natural environment in the area:

The Sun

The Dead Sea area has on average 330 days of sunshine per year and is also the only place on earth where you can sunbathe with little or no risk of sunburn due to the additional atmospheric layer known as the evaporation layer that exists solely above the Dead Sea.

The Water

Recognized as a mini-universe with its own micro-climate, the Dead Sea is the saltiest and most mineral-laden body of water in the world. The unparalleled buoyancy and warmth of the water has everyone floating.  In addition, the hot thermo-mineral springs are rich in sulphur which offers health benefits such as an increased oxygen supply and improved circulation


The Air


Due to the high evaporation rates, the air has an extremely high mineral content which has a relaxing effect. It also has roughly 8% more oxygen than anywhere else in the world.


The Earth

The area’s world famous cosmetic black mud is known to cleanse and stimulate the skin, relieve muscle and emotional tensions, improve blood circulation and ease rheumatic pain


But that’s not all. Visitors to the Dead Sea come to a world of magnificent natural landscape, and extraordinary options, ranging from thrilling encounters with history at
the Dead Sea Scrolls caves to breath-taking explorations of the desert. Add to this a wide range of beaches, hotels, spas, restaurants and leisure-time activities, and you have a destination with extraordinary attractions and benefits. It is also only a five hour flight from the UK and once there, historic cities such as Jerusalem are close enough for day visits ensuring that you make the most of your stay.