Scotland unveils new website

Scotland’s National Tourist Board has launched a new website in conjunction with Tiscover., with its 9,000 tourism businesses (serviced by 130 Tourist Information Centres), is the most visited national tourism website in the UK. In 2005 there were 10.5 million visits, and that number is projected to rise to 13.5 million by the end of 2006.
Scotland required a partner with experience in destination management, with the ability to meet the specific requirements of the Scottish tourism industry.
In the last four months their close collaboration had produced a customised marketing solution, based on the ‘tried and tested’ Tiscover Destination Management System, to reach Scotland’s visitor target group. Tiscover provides the complete technology solution, the CMS and the search and booking engine.

Marco Truffelli, Chief Executive VisitScotland, commented: “We chose Tiscover as a partner because we believe they have in-depth knowledge of their subject. We are positive about the collaboration during the past months and the launch of the new website. This will be a great benefit to us and the tourism businesses across Scotland.” 
Bruno Walter, CEO Tiscover, added: “The Scotland project has been a great challenge for us. Our expertise has proven to be a valuable asset to our client. We are delighted that this collaboration has been a success.”