New airline forum launches

AIU, publisher of the fortnightly business-to-business newsletter Airline Industry Update, has launched Airline Update Forum, a new free-access commercial aviation discussion forum. Designed to appeal to all sectors of the airline industry, the new forum addresses its key topics, including airline industry news, flight operations, ground operations, MRO, safety and environmental issues. As the forum develops, more topics will be added, but the emphasis at the moment is to encourage new users to start developing interesting and relevant discussion threads, and posting their views and opinions on core subjects that directly affect their working lives.

AIU Director, Paul Ellis, said: “The airline industry today faces many challenges, such as increasing environmental pressure, financial fragility, volatile fuel prices and uncertain capacity demand. Not to mention the looming battle of the giants between Airbus with its A350 and Boeing’s 787 and controversy over the proliferation of low-cost carriers. All this produces the perfect environment for lively discussion, and I would like our Forum to be the place where airline people choose to debate these issues. Free and open discussion is good for the industry, and when it is conducted by informed industry insiders, it is inevitably going to benefit consumers and taxpayers.”

Like the Airline Industry Update newsletter, the Airline Industry Forum website carries no advertising, has no annoying pop-ups and is not plagued by spurious links and re-directs. And it complements Airline Industry Update by seeking to provide the analysis, comment and opinion component deliberately excluded from the fact-orientated newsletter.