BA unions to resume pension talks

Unions will try and break the deadlock over the pension crisis at British Airways this week. The next round of talks are due to start Thursday and are likely to be critical to BA’s future.

If talks over the company’s pension deficit fail to reach a conclusion, pilots could call a strike ballot, according to the Sunday Express newspaper.

A strike could ground flights during the busy Christmas holiday, the newspaper said.

Talks between British Airways and the unions are focused on the £2.1 billion hole that currently exists in the flag carrier’s pension fund. The new round of talks come after discussions broke down last month. 

BA has reached a deal with trustees, but the threat of industrial action looms if unions reject changes to pension benefits, including later retirement.


The four trade unions that represent majority of BA’s 45,000 staff will meet the airline on Thursday with recommendations that, they claimed, will make the BA proposal acceptable, said the newspaper.

British Airways was voted World’s Leading Airline at this year’s World Travel Awards.