Oman Air starts flights to Amman

Oman Air is to inaugurate its first flight on the new sector Muscat / Amman today Monday 11th December, 2006. The Company’s official delegation is headed by the Chairman, H.E. Said bin Hamdoon Al Harthy and Mr. Ziad bin Karim Al Haremi - Chief Executive Officer, in addition to a number of the company’s officials.

Various Media representatives will accompany the delegation for comprehensive coverage.

Oman Air will operate 3 nonstop weekly flights on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. This is a move towards the company’s strategy to add more destinations in the Middle East with the aim of strengthening mutual cooperation and travel opportunities with nations worldwide, in addition to promoting tourism and upholding the outstanding relationship shared between the two brotherly countries Oman and Jordan.
“The airline is proud to add Amman to its growing network. The new sector will prop up the two countries collaboration in the aviation field and Oman Air is delighted to contribute in making Amman a tourist destination, as passengers will exchange excursions, and enjoy each others authentic hospitality. The expansion of Oman Air network will not in any way reflect negatively on our high-quality services,” Mr. Ziad Al Haremi, Oman Air, CEO said.

He added, “The inauguration of this sector between Oman and Jordan through Seeb Airport will play an active role in strengthening the historical relationship between the two brotherly countries Oman and Jordan. It will also assist in supporting the economical cooperation opportunities especially within the commerce and tourism sectors. Oman has got great cultural, historical and traditional potentials. The government undergoes immense endeavors to buttress the tourism sector, which is a significant added income resource, and an indicator of the Nation’s progress in different spheres.”

Commenting on the occasion, Corporate Communications and Media department highlighted saying that “today’s concept of tourism is completely diverse than previously, as it mirrors people’s cultures and traditions and also impacts the technology revolution, making tourism a key revenue. On the whole, Oman has always been very keen towards strengthening communal cooperation and affiliation amongst all brotherly and friendly countries, and does its utmost to tackle any barriers with the aim of accomplishing an everlasting harmony for all.


“Operating this sector is considered a step to further boost relationship between the two countries in all fields specially, travel and tourism. Oman is witnessing a comprehensive renaissance in all spheres under the wise directives of HM the Sultan. The new sector will certainly generate more opportunities for businessmen and tourists alike, in Oman and Jordan.”

It is worth mentioning that, since its inception, Oman Air has witnessed consecutive successes and became a prime company competent to bear responsibilities and confront challenges as a world class airline. It operates flights to major gulf cities, Indian subcontinent and Middle East (Beirut & Cairo).