Copenhagen airport boosts flier numbers

In November 2006, the total number of passengers in Copenhagen Airport increased by 59,911 passengers (+3.8%) compared with November 2005. In November 2006, the Total Number of Passengers in Copenhagen Airport Increased by 3.8 Percent.

Breakdown of departing passengers

The number of locally departing passengers increased by 56,516 passengers (+11.4%). The number of transfer/transit passengers decreased by 24,078 passengers (-8.5%).

International passengers

The number of scheduled international passengers increased by 44,125 passengers (+3.3%), while the number of international charter passengers decreased by 1,092 (-1.7%). Consequently, the total number of international passengers increased by 42,080 passengers (+3.0%).


Domestic passengers

The total number of domestic passengers increased by 16,831 passengers (+10.9%) compared with November 2005.

Operations and take-off weight

In November 2006, the total number of take-offs and landings decreased by 385 operations (-1.8%), while the tonnage decreased by 904 tonnes (-0.1%) compared with November 2005.