TravBuddy launches Traveler Matching Service

TravBuddy is adding its Traveler Matching Service. to enable members to share future travel destinations and find othertravelers who are planning to visit those same locations. This enables people to share their experiences abroad with like-minded travelers, harnessing the communicative power of the Internet to alleviate the age oldproblem of finding.”

Many TravBuddy members keep track of their travel experiences via online, complete with photos and automatic mapping of travel routes. Others share and advice by writing firsthand, unbiased reviews of hotels, tourist sights,and nightlife. The Traveler Matching Service, combined with these existingfeatures, provides a powerful method for finding travel buddies withcompatible interests and styles of travel.

“TravBuddy is committed to leveraging the social power of the internet toenhance the travel experience,” says Eric Bjorndahl, Co-Founder ofTravBuddy. “It can often be difficult or intimidating to meet other people,especially if you are traveling alone in a foreign place. The TravelerMatching Service will make it even easier for travelers from all around theworld to connect and share the joy of travel.”