Westin, MSN market online destination

Westin Hotels & Resorts has teamed up with the MSN Branded Entertainment and Experiences Team to launch a new and unique experiential online destination.Designed to provide a virtual sensory experience, www.renewal.msn.com allows visitors to experience the essence of Westin online, enabling them to “Escape” into a world of personal renewal and relaxation, and the opportunity to “Explore” the sights and sounds of select destinations.

Visitors can escape the stress of their day with a five minute virtual vacation or take a carefully choreographed auditory and visual tour based on their mood. Void of any advertising, the content driven site showcases the Westin guest experience with interactive components and sensory elements that promote relaxation and tranquility.

“The Westin virtual renewal experience brings to life our brand positioning in a creative, experiential way,” said Sue Brush, senior vice president for Westin Hotels & Resorts. “With MSN’s expertise we were able to develop a unique online destination that breaks through the clutter and demonstrates a true Westin experience - a relaxing respite from the stress of everyday life.”

Transport yourself to a calmer place without leaving your computer

Upon entering the new website, visitors are invited to “Escape” from their day or “Explore” undiscovered gems in the world’s top cities and create their own moment of personal renewal through several online experiences. In the “Escape” section of the site, visitors can take a five minute vacation with stunning imagery set to soothing sounds and music to help transport them someplace far away. Or, visitors can take a moment to de-stress with a Yoga break, relaxing breathing techniques, signature Westin music soundtracks and advice and tips on how to unwind. The “Explore” section of the site enables visitors to take an engaging, scenic “sights and sounds” tour of featured destinations in stunning 360 degree video.


A core feature of the Westin website is a specially created local mapping technology application from Microsoft’s Virtual Earth platform in Explore that provides “would be” travelers the opportunity to learn more about featured destinations and off-the-beaten path local favorites that guests won’t come across in any guide book. Top cities currently featured on the site include New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, Toronto, Maui, Madrid and Paris.

“This online campaign shows Westin’s commitment to its position as a leader in the industry by creating a truly unique and experiential online destination for its valued consumers,” said Gayle Troberman, general manager of the Global Branded Entertainment and Experiences Team at MSN. “Microsoft’s innovative online platforms offer world-class brands such as Westin a unique way to further enhance consumer recognition, satisfaction and interaction with the real essence of their brand.”

For more information and to create your moment of personal renewal, please visit www.renewal.msn.com .