China’s dental tourism hits Canada

Canadians are now traveling to the historic Nanjing region of China while enjoying substantial savings on major dental procedures. “Dental tourism is an increasingly popular choice for North American consumers who understand the remarkable opportunities and savings that are available to the inciDENTAL Tourist,” notes David McConnell, president of the Ottawa-based Hinton-Sherwood Group Inc. which has recently introduced a new dental tourism service in Canada.

“During a recent trip to China I discovered that dental work I needed could be done for a fraction - about one quarter - of what I would have to pay for the same quality of treatment in Canada. The total cost for my bridge work and three crowns was $1840 (Cdn.),” explains Mr. McConnell. “In Canada, at a clinic comparable to the one I visited in Nanjing, this would have cost about $8,400. When my dental insurance refund of $820 was factored in, my total savings came to more than $7,000!”

The inciDENTAL Tourist package includes a guided two-week vacation visiting the historic city of Nanjing, Suzhou - known for its enchanting canals and beautiful gardens - a cruise on the Yangtze River and shopping in Shanghai. Dental treatments, provided at a state-of-the-art clinic in Nanjing, are scheduled to maximize time for sight-seeing and visiting.

The inciDENTAL Tourist has been featured on CBC television and radio, including As it Happens, as well as in The Ottawa Citizen.

“The inciDENTAL Tourist makes it possible to receive top-quality dental care while enjoying a truly remarkable vacation experience in China. Best of all, the savings on dental procedures will more than pay for the cost of your vacation,” adds Mr. McConnell.