Lodging Interactive rolls out keyword ads

Lodging Interactive has rolled out Dynamic Keyword Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management with Google. Dynamic Keyword PPC enables Google AdWords to dynamically change based on the search term used by the potential customer.

“From our initial tests and based on the success of the top search engine marketers, dynamic keyword ads not only improve the click-thru rate for Google AdWords campaigns, thereby increasing the number of times a potential guest visits our client’s website’, but it also improves the position of the ad on the search results page,” stated DJ Vallauri, Lodging Interactive’s Founder & President. “In other words, the more relevant the Google ads are to what potential guests are looking for, the higher up they will appear on the Google search results page.”

Google’s Dynamic keyword technology will cause the keyword that the potential guest is searching for to appear bolded in the text or body of the ad. In doing so it gains the attention of the potential guest and also increases the relevancy of the ad to match the actual search term requested. Below is an example of Google’s Dynamic keyword technology for the search term “vacation rolling meadows”
“By investing in leading edge PPC management technologies, Lodging Interactive offers hotel clients the unsurpassed ability to maximize PPC ROI’s and in doing so track all calls made, emails sent, and bookings made as a result of the PPC advertising on all major search engines,” said Richard Walsh, Vice President of Business Development for Lodging Interactive. “It is our roll to keep our hotel clients ahead of the curve and to update them as new and innovative online technologies emerge.”