EclipseHotels, THIS in joint venture

The Hospitality Industry Solutions Company (THIS) and Eclipse Hotels & Resorts International (EclipseHotels) have signed a comprehensive cooperation and development agreement covering all countries in the Middle East except Israel. In the initial phase of this Agreement EclipseHotels grants THIS an exclusive Master Franchise for all its Hotel and Restaurant brands for countries spanning the Middle East. During the initial tenure of the cooperation agreement, THIS will promote all EclipseHotels brands in these countries exclusively and offer Pre-Opening Assistance and Hotel & Restaurant Management Agreements, as well as Franchise services on behalf of EclipseHotels for all areas in the Middle East.

In the second phase of the cooperation agreement, both companies will enter into a Joint Venture for the whole Area of the Middle East and Africa and jointly manage and franchise the EclipseHotels restaurant and hotel brands in this area.

Heiko W. Zscherp, Chief Executive Officer of Eclipse Hotels and Resorts International noted during the signing ceremony in Jeddah: “We at EclipseHotels are very excited about the prospects of this unique cooperation agreement between The Hospitality Industry Solutions and our company and foresee a strong growth for our brands in the Middle Eastern market through the support and dedication of THIS. Both companies share the same ideals for the development of the Hospitality industry in the Middle East and Asia and at the same time share on one hand the short business existence while offering on the other hand an incredible wealth of experience by its executives. Additionally, we are excited about the impressive target of THIS to establish themselves as the Middle East’s leading Hotel Management Company in Guest and Owner’s satisfaction through the cooperation with EclipseHotels and the use of our brands, concepts and unique business approach.”

Sh. Mohamed O. Al Amoudi - Chairman of The Hospitality Industry Solutions expressed: “We are aiming to be in the front seat of the hospitality industry in the region. This strategic partnership with EclipseHotels is yet another milestone for Amoudi Holding Corporation’s business history. THIS will be an organization investors can reach locally with trust and confidence, and at the same time rest assured of the global standards of hospitality management services. The futuristic approach of THIS partnered with EclipseHotels will mark the beginning of a new era in the regions hospitality industry. THIS intends to expand in the hospitality industry in the future, by setting its foot prints throughout the Middle East region establishing owned properties as well as managing investors’ properties.

Usama E. Ma’ayeh - Vice President , Finance & Business Development of the Hospitality Industry Solutions Company additionally noted: “The Middle East in general and Saudi Arabia in particular is growing, and growing at an accelerated pace. Parallel to this, we have seen great opportunities for a trusted ‘regional’ hospitality management company like THIS who can offer international standards of service second to none, to investors in the hospitality sector. Investors will see in us a partner from among them who understands their needs, compared to other international players in the market and who can deliver brands and concepts that are of value to the customers. Together with EclipseHotels, THIS is set to make a difference in the region through its innovative, globalized and customer-centric approach in the years to come.”