i-to-i calls for volunteers

i-to-i is urging people to back the fight against mindless
holidays and join the thousands of individuals worldwide who are swapping
their hedonistic trips in favour of overseas volunteer experiences. International Volunteer Day (5th Dec) salutes the excellent work done by exceptional
people around the globe. i-to-i, which arranges volunteer projects
worldwide, is proud to be marking the day with a fantastic 272 volunteers
placed at its numerous worthwhile projects around the world.

Now sending around 5,000 volunteers abroad every year, i-to-i offers over
500 individual projects ranging from 1-24 weeks in 28 countries, enabling
people to get involved in community work, conservation, teaching English,
healthcare, the media, building and sports projects.

From building homes in Honduras to working in a Sri Lankan orphanage to
Hippotherapy with special needs children in Mexico, the opportunities for
altruistic escapes are endless.

Every year i-to-i volunteers make a huge impact in areas that desperately
need support. Their fantastic achievements include:

-      Releasing up to 50,000 turtle hatchlings in five countries each
-      Replanting 200 acres of rain forest every year in Ecuador
-      Helping around 500 endangered animals a week in South Africa
-      Building homes for underprivileged families in seven countries


Nicola Wheeler who volunteered with i-to-i on a conservation project in
Costa Rica, comments “people say volunteering doesn?t make a difference,
but I saw that we did. By building paths and collecting litter, it freed
the rangers to do the more important job of stopping poaching. If everyone
could give up just one week of their lives they would be amazed. Everyone
needs a bit of extra help”.