Map24 Mobile in global expansion

Map24, the Internet portal for maps, directions and points of interest, has added new features and functionality to Map24 Mobile, a free route planner, navigation and search aid for mobile phones and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants). Launched in September, Map24 Mobile brings all of the functionality of the highly interactive portal to mobile devices. Map24 Mobile 2.0 has even more extensive global mapping coverage, an expanded language selection and intuitive usability.

The Map24 Mobile 2.0 software can be downloaded at

With Map24 Mobile, users have access to mapping facilities in the same way they use the popular Map24 service online. Unlike static mapping applications, Map24 Mobile is highly intuitive and interactive, with the user-friendly functionality mirroring the portal, albeit on a handset and smaller screen. Even the familiar three-dimensional representations of the popular maps are integrated into Map24 Mobile.

As well as covering Europe, Map24 Mobile 2.0 now has mapping coverage for North-and South America, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. The language section has also been expanded and now includes English, German, French, Arabic, Czech, Finnish and Icelandic with more languages to follow shortly.

The mapping material gives a detailed display of road maps with attributes such as one-way streets and limited road use. Numerous Points of interest (POI) are contained in the map data for searches for tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels and many more destinations. These can be found without having to enter an address.


Registered users of the free My Map24 service can also load their personal online address book on to their mobiles. Important addresses are therefore always to hand to calculate routes when entered as start or end addresses. Another advantage of the mobile service: The calculation of the route is performed on the Map24 server, therefore ensuring the mapping material is always up-to-date.

Map24 Mobile 2.0 has an abundance of intelligent features which are intuitive and easy to use. A single entry field means that the user need only enter address details such as the postal code, the city or a street name, in any order. The software will find tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels and other points of interest without the need for a complete postal address. So if you’re looking for The Tower of London, Tower Bridge or Blackpool Tower, details of these and millions more points of interest are available free of charge.

Commenting, Chris Wallett, UK managing director of Mapsolute, which owns Map24, said: “Map24 Mobile has proved to be a major hit with users. The updated version provides an even richer experience with users able to use their mobile phones and PDAs for route planning in many parts of the world. It’s free, easy to use and extremely useful whilst you’re on the move.”