rolls out marketing campaign is launching a new digital marketing campaign - to promote their range of hotels particularly those in the premium category.  The campaign is the first in which has tested viral marketing activity.

The viral campaign, which is being supported with extensive banner activity, incorporates interactive “instant win” digital scratch cards designed by digital agency Imano.  Users can play the scratch card games once by submitting an email address to receive the email newsletter.  By recommending friends, users are given additional chances to win a prize (there is also a plain paper entry route).

Winners stand to receive 5 nights in five star hotels in Paris, Milan, Tenerife & Switzerland as promotes the range of hotels across ski and winter sun, as well as its heartland city break offer.  There is also a runners-up prize of £500 vouchers, as every time the game is played another entry is made into the January prize draw.

The game will be supported by banner campaigns on the UK site and will also get traffic from a 12-million impression banner campaign across the web between the beginning of December and Christmas. will also be partnering with competition sites including IPT, Euromiles, Mutualpoints and Pigsback to seed the activity.

Martin Allen, CRM Manager at, said: “This project marks’s first viral campaign.  We want to see what we can do with the activity to create engaging marketing activity that delivers our marketing messages whilst providing compelling incentives for our users to get involved with the brand.”