SAS goes biometric across Sweden

SAS Sweden is to launch a new biometric system throughout Sweden.Travellers use their fingerprint, which is matched to their checked baggage. This makes the check-in process easier and improves security. The new technology is being launched during November and December at almost all airports served by SAS in Sweden.

“We work hard to make flying with SAS within Sweden smooth and easy, and one way of doing so is to use the latest technology. The new biometric system speeds up check-in,” said Susanne Dahlberg, commercial director of Scandinavian Airlines Sweden.

The new system, offers many benefits. Travellers register their fingerprint when handing in their baggage and again at the gate. In this way travellers are automatically matched to their checked baggage. The new system eliminates the need to show photographic ID as the fingerprint is the means of identification.

After completion of the trip, the fingerprint is automatically erased by the system. The use of fingerprint ID is optional. Those who prefer may still travel with an identity card or passport.

The biometric system has been developed by Precise Biometrics. Its introduction means SAS is the first airline to meet the security requirements agreed by the EU in the spring. In the long term, fingerprint reading will take place in connection with all flights within Scandinavia. The technology is expected to affect some 10 million travelers a year.


The system applies at check-in for all trips on SAS’ Swedish domestic routes under the “Nya Inrikesflyget” concept. The biometric system has already been introduced at the following airports: Luleå , €ngelholm, Ronneby, Sundsvall, ?-stersund and Umeå.