Kayak facilitates easier comparison

Kayak.com is introducing “Pins” to its list of travel search features, in a bid to
enable consumers to select and save a preferred flight, hotel or rental car at
the top of their search results as they evaluate other options. 
“Kayak.com’s industry-first Pins is one of the many personalization features
that helps consumers make informed purchasing decisions,” said Kayak.com CTO
and co-founder, Paul English.
“By grouping preferred options at the top of the page, users can quickly and
easily scroll through and compare pages of results side-by-side with
highlighted favorites. Never again will consumers have to remember or write
down cumbersome itinerary details to compare with other options during the
search process. Once again, Kayak.com has designed a tool that simplifies the
shopping experience,” said English.
To Pin a preferred travel option, users select the pushpin icon listed next to
every search result for flights, hotels and rental cars. After a specific option
has been “Pinned”, it will remain at the top of the page while users click
through pages of results or interact with Kayak.com’s search filters to adjust
their parameters. Travelers can Pin and compare unlimited options and can
delete a Pin by clicking on the “Trash” icon within the search results. Pinned
results will reappear atop the search results when registered users conduct
future searches.
Kayak.com remembers which results consumers Pin.
Subsequent consumer requests for travel information are then personalized based
on previously Pinned travel options. For example, a consumer who usually Pins
four-star hotels will see more four-star hotels in their default search