WorldSIM taps into Hajj

As record number of British Muslims prepare for the Hajj,
WorldSIM launches revolutionary service to help pilgrims keep
in touch easier and cheaper during the annual pilgrimage.

An estimated record number of 25,000 British Muslims will
travel to Saudi Arabia next month for the annual Hajj
pilgrimage which coincides this year with the Christmas and
New Year holiday period.  To help pilgrims keep in touch
during the Hajj, WorldSIM have launched a revolutionary
mobile phone service that will enable pilgrims to receive
calls for FREE on their mobiles whilst in Saudi Arabia and
to call back to the UK for as little as 45p/min.

WorldSIM’s service comes at a time of increasing concern by
friends and family trying to keep in touch with loved ones
during the Hajj especially during periods of overcrowding. 
Last year, over 345 Hajj pilgrims were killed in a stampede
in Mina as they sought to complete a farewell stone-throwing
ritual before sunset.  The shortage of public telephone
facilities and expensive normal mobile roaming rates makes it
very difficult for friends and family to keep in touch with
their relatives and colleagues performing the pilgrimage in
Saudi Arabia.

WorldSIM provides a solution to these problems by offering
those going for Hajj a Pay As You Go global roaming SIM card
with a UK mobile number for them to use with their mobile
phones.  WorldSIM has the added benefit that receiving calls
is free throughout Saudi Arabia and when travelling in over
65 countries.  This means that pilgrims going for Hajj can be
easily contactable on their mobile phones without having to
worry about paying extortionate roaming charges, queuing at
overcrowded and expensive calling cabins, or going through the
trouble of finding local SIMs.

One recent pilgrim returning from Saudi Arabia last week
commented, “Using WorldSIM was fantastic because my wife and
kids back home in the UK could call me on my mobile just as if
I was in the UK.  I did not pay a penny to receive their
calls.  The last time I went for Umrah my mobile phone bill
came to £227.  This time my bill was only £37.


WorldSIM charges are a fraction of those compared to normal UK
mobile operators.  An average user travelling to Saudi Arabia
for three weeks for the Hajj can expect to save around £500
using WorldSIM as compared to normal UK mobile operator rates.