Edinburgh Airport opens new terminal

The First Minister will join Edinburgh Airport’s Managing Director
  Richard Jeffrey at the airport today to open the £19m
  development, which is part of BAA Edinburgh’s 25 year vision for
  ambitious, achievable and sustainable growth to meet passenger demand.
  Scottish landscape photographer Jason Baxter will also attend the event.
  A selection of his images are currently on display in the new terminal
  facility as part of a campaign to promote Scotland.

  You are invited to send a reporter/photographer/film crew to Edinburgh
  Airport at 09:15 am on Friday 1st December.

  Please meet at the Welcome Desk next to the tourist information centre
  in international arrivals.

  As this event will take place in an airside location, you must bring a
  valid form of ID such as a current passport or driving licence with
  paper counterpart. NUJ cards are not acceptable. Without the necessary
  ID, access to the pier will be denied.