Air Arabia boosts flights for Games

With the increased interest in the Doha Asian Games, Air Arabia has scheduled extra return flights from Sharjah to Qatar to meet the extra passenger demand during the first week of December starting from the 26th of November to the 31st of January. Chairman of Air Arabia Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Al Thani said: ‘A lot of effort has been made to ensure the event is a success and we are grateful to Doha International Airport and Qatar’s Civil Aviation Authorities for enhancing Immigration and Customs facilities as well as arranging for a temporary airport terminal to be erected in close vicinity to the existing operating international passenger terminal to help airlines such as ours to meet the demand for additional flights.’

The Doha Asian Games is the season’s biggest attraction, where people of all ages and races will join in to cheer on the participating champions and witness sterling displays of stamina, courage and determination.

Flights to Doha are scheduled to take off from the Sharjah International Airport at 7:45am (local time) 4 days a week and land in Doha at 7:45 am (local time). On the other three days, flights will take off from Sharjah at 8:15am (local time) and arrive at the Doha International Airport at 8:15am (local time).

Return flights from Doha to Sharjah are scheduled to leave Doha at 8:25am (local time) four times a week and arrives at 10:25am (local time) in Sharjah International Airport. The three remainder flights depart from Doha at 8:55am (local time) and arrive in Sharjah at 10:55am (local time).

With the increase in flight frequency, timings have been arranged to make travelling to the much anticipated Doha Asian Games convenient to all passengers who are eager to fly!


Starting with a single flight to Bahrain in October 2003, Air Arabia today flies to over 30 destinations across 20 countries, including recent additions like Chennai and Thiruvanthapuram in India, Katmandu in Nepal, Yerevan in Armenia, and Latakia in Syria carrying over two million passengers.