Amadeus rolls out Commission Manager

Amadeus has pioneered a solution for travel agents to track and claim hotel booking commissions. The solution, called Amadeus Worldwide Commission Manager, will be launched at Hedna, December 2006. After an extensive search, Amadeus worked with Worldwide Payment Systems (WPS) to develop the industry’s first, effective commission tracking solution. Amadeus Worldwide Commission Manager offers travel agents a single point of information where they can track and manage their hotel commissions. Worldwide Commission Manager will be available to all travel agents and hotels linked through the Amadeus distribution system and will enable travel agents to track and claim commissions where necessary.

Pierre Matuchet, head of hotel distribution at Amadeus, says, “Amadeus Worldwide Commission Manager is a genuine breakthrough for the hospitality industry because it will underpin the commissions payment cycle, creating confidence in the system for both travel agents and hotels. This helps to open up the GDS even more as a sales channel for hotels and makes them significantly more attractive to travel agents. Travel agents will feel they have visibility and control, and are able to judge which hotels are the most reliable partners. Amadeus has taken the step of launching Worldwide Commission Manager because we believe it will make a real contribution to the development of the industry.”

Pedro Fernández-Salvador, CEO of WPS says, “Over 80,000 travel agencies connect to Amadeus to book over 70,000 hotel properties. This new solution will benefit these travel agencies as well as the travel industry as a whole.”

Amadeus Worldwide Commission Manager is one of four key initiatives to drive travel agency hotel bookings:

Commission payment - today’s announcement is fundamental to Amadeus’ initiative to boost hotel bookings.


Content - in the past six months, Amadeus has boosted the number of properties
in its system by 17%.  More than 70,000 hotels can now be booked in Amadeus.

Rate - nearly 80 hotel brands have signed up for the Amadeus Best Available Rate (BAR) programme. This guarantee by hotels to provide Amadeus with their best rates is important for travel agents seeking best value for their clients.

User interfaces - Amadeus is developing the optimum interface for hotel bookings.

Amadeus won World’s Leading CRS/ GDS Stystem at this year’s World Travel Awards.